Campus life


Student life at AITRC offers a welcoming place for everyone. To complement their academics and research, students choose their own extracurricular adventures, from a spectacular array of ways to participate in music, dance, and sports to dozens of groups that savor and celebrate cultures from around the world.

At AITRC, we welcome and support a diverse community of remarkable talent. But we know that to make a better world, we must work to continually make a better AITRC. With that inspiration, we strive to remove barriers to talent wherever we find them, to build mutual understanding across our campus, to celebrate our wonderful range of cultures and backgrounds.


Cultural Celebrations Groups

As part of the Diverse community, we celebrate cultures from all backgrounds.


Boys Sports Groups

Cricket, Volleyball, Football, kabaddi, etc.


Girls Sports Groups

Carrom, Cricket, Kabadi, Kho-Kho, badminton, etc.


Environmental welfare Groups

For the Welfare of Society and our Earth, our students have taken an initiative to educate and promote Plantation, Shafai Abhiyan, Animal protection, etc.


Art & Craft Students Groups

Poster Making, Rangoli, Painting, Sketching , etc.


Community Out-Reach Programs

Students at AITRC involved in a number of activities to capture and spread knowledge from tribal areas of our Society.


Dance Groups

Dance is a form of aerobic exercise that has physical, mental, and emotional benefits. That helps our students to increase focus and physical strength for their carrier goals.


Musical Groups

Music makes you happier, lowers stress, reduces depression and elevates your mood, especially it helps students in there stress full journey of engineering studies.