Chairperson's Message

Welcome to the Annie Institute of Technology and Research Centre

As Chairperson of the AITRC its been my tremendous privilege to witness every day, the joy and promise of discovery, it is my pleasure to share with you my vision of this institution. AITRC seeks for academic excellence in all of its academic programs. Our major strength lies in a strong team of highly qualified faculty and dedicated staff to deliver first class education.

In the fast changing global economic environment, AITRC has plans to strive to bring global perspective to all its programs and activities. Latest technologies are employed for effective delivery and the curriculum emphasizes practice orientation in its entire curriculum. The AITRC plans for global alliances with highly reputed academic organizations. We believe in preparing global leaders who believe in contributing to the national and global economy and civil society.

Our students, faculty, alumni, administrators, and staff stand out for their commitment to academic excellence and vibrancy. Our college is continuously evolving and seeking new ways to give our students the support and resources they need to achieve at the highest possible levels.

The AITRC is reimagining what it is to be a college in the 21st century : outstanding teaching, creative innovations, pioneering research and interconnected perceptiveness so necessary in modern world. As we all know, education within a AITRC isn’t just about what happens in the classroom. It is essential to navigate difference in experience and opinion, and to gain an appreciation of the value of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

We also seek to pay particular attention to the needs of marginalized communities among us. We welcome you to participate in the endless opportunities at AITRC and to study in a place where everyone belongs.

Join us in common service to the world of knowledge and betterment of humanity.

Welcome to Annie Institute of Technology and Research Centre


Mrs. Nazia Ali
Chairperson, AITRC